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Yardsale Tips

Our Shoppers and Sellers share great tip below. If you have any "tips" you would like to share with others, click here to email them to us.


Please tell folks that most shoppers are very honest. But there are (people) that have sticky fingers. I have heard many owners tell stories about microwaves, complete sets of china, jewelry, and yes, even all the money they had collected that day taken with the box it was in. Please be careful.

  • It's nice to have prices on the items. Without prices, we often don't bother to ask because it makes us feel cheap if the person quotes a price we think is unreasonable.
  • Speaking of prices, an easy way is to use color dots.
  • Don't over price. There are two types of garage sale; one is where the people really love their stuff, or are trying to make as much money as possible. The other is where people know they will take what ever is left to Goodwill, and price the items as bargains.
  • It's much easier to find the houses if the same color paper is used for all the signs.
  • It's much easier to find the houses if the signs have bold directional arrows.
  • It's much easier to find the houses if the writing is large. Remember, the people who read the signs are in cars and are moving.
  • Recycled plastic bags are always available in bins in most grocery stores. It's nice to have them available for folks that buy many books and little toys.
Gail & Bill in Springfield, VA

My advice to Sellers is:

  • Get together with your neighbors so that there is more "stuff" to attract Shoppers.
  • Always price to sell.
Phyllis in Washington, DC

The single most important ingredient to a successful yard sale is signage. Always always always make your signs uniform in design and color, include bold arrows showing direction to your sale, post plenty of signs leading to you from several directions, and be sure the writing on your signs is simple and bold (remember, people will be driving by and must be able to read or see the arrow from a moving car), creating fancy and colorful signs can often lead to them being difficult to read so use block letters and bold print these are more effective,and very bold dark arrows are invaluable as some people only look for an arrow. SIGNS ARE OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO THE SUCCESS OF A YARDSALE !!! I offer these tips after having had many a successful yardsale and hearing many compliments regarding my signs. More people visiting your yardsale means more success and profit for you, make it as easy for them to get there as you can, they will be grateful and so will you. This advise is offered by me, a man who has bought and sold at thousands of yardsales for 15+ years and continues to do so on every available opportunity. I hope this helps, and I am reasonably certain it will lead to greater success if followed.

Bert C. in Reston, VA


My advice to Shoppers is:

  • Get there first and get the best selection AND prices--too often people sell to the first person who asks.
  • Or, go there late and get what's left at a good price.
  • Cash is always best.
  • Don't act too interested- pick it up, then put it down and walk away. Then ask for the Seller's " best price."
Phyllis in Washington, DC